You can earn 50 FREE ELT tokens! To be eligible for the reward tokens you should register by completing the registration form below, and register for a priority loan and credit card. The best way to keep updated on what's happening with Lendo is to join our telegram group, just follow this link There is no obligation to accept a loan if offered one, nor to take the card when it is offered to you, but registration will give you a place on the priority list, and enables us to more accurately predict the type of loans and credit card which will be most popular. If you were referred by another user, please also provide their Telegram ID.

Once you have Registered, you will be able to earn more FREE ELT tokens by referring friends, and earn commission on any token purchases they make!

After registration, click on your account link and then select "referrals" to begin.

Loan Priority Registration

There is no obligation to accept a loan offer, but you will be prioritised for a loan when lending operations begin. You can cancel at any time

Pre-order Your CreditCard Now

Blue (Virtual) debit card
Silver Card
Gold Card
Black Card

Card Issue Fee

Blue Card    Free
Silver Card    €9
Gold Card    €49
Black Card    €99

Annual Fee

Blue Card    Free
Silver Card    €10
Gold Card    €50
Black Card    €100

Credit Limit (% of lodged crypto)

Blue Card    N/A
Silver Card    35%
Gold Card    35%
Black Card    40%

Daily Spending Limit

Blue Card    €1000
Silver Card    €2500
Gold Card    €5000
Black Card    €10000

Daily ATM Withdraw Limit

Blue Card    N/A
Silver Card    €500
Gold Card    €750
Black Card    €1000

* fees, prices and limits are dependent on the chosen card supplier and may change depending on what solution or solutions we will decide upon. We are currently in negotiation with several card issuers. Full terms and conditions will be made available prior to card issue.

There is no obligation to take the card. You will be offered a card when they are issued, but you can cancel your request any time. Cards will be Issued Commencing Q3 2018 but you can reserve one now. We'll only charge you the issue fee when your card is issued.